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  • Holiness


    What is holiness? It sounds so cold and distant to our modern lives. In this post, I explore what biblical holiness really is, and you might be surprised to find the answer.

  • How Can Man See God and Live?

    How Can Man See God and Live?

    Three thousand five hundred years ago, Moses asked God to show him His glory. God answered, “you cannot see my face, for man shall not see me and live.” In my poem and post “How Can Man See God and Live,” I explain how people already have seen God, and how we get to see…

  • The Power of the Resurrection

    The Power of the Resurrection

    This is a repost of one of my poems about the resurrection of Jesus, but the story following is new. Some people consider Christianity an artifact, but I explain how the God of the Bible is as alive and active now as He ever was.

  • Afikomen of the Seder

    Afikomen of the Seder

    When Jesus said “This is my body broken for you,” He broke the middle matzo of the Seder, the afikomen. Read “Afikomen of the Passover” where I show you how Jesus is connected to the afikomen.

  • Seder Lamb

    Seder Lamb

    Jesus is the Passover lamb. Check out my poem “Seder Lamb” and my explanation of how He connects to a tradition that began thousands of years before His life on earth.