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  • Preparing to be Called Out

    Preparing to be Called Out

    I think believers can find great relevance in this history. Passover is when Jesus, our Passover Lamb (1 Corinthians 5:7), was sacrificed for us. As we enter the spring, a season for new life, we must prepare ourselves to meet Him at His cross. As pilgrims through this world, we must guard ourselves from the…

  • The Cornerstone

    The Cornerstone

    The Hallel is a special reading done every year of Psalms 113-118 only on Passover. In this post, I’ll show you how Jesus is in the Hallel, completes the Hallel, and fulfills the Hallel, as well as an ancient prophecy from the days of Bablylon.

  • Afikomen of the Seder

    Afikomen of the Seder

    When Jesus said “This is my body broken for you,” He broke the middle matzo of the Seder, the afikomen. Read “Afikomen of the Passover” where I show you how Jesus is connected to the afikomen.

  • Seder Lamb

    Seder Lamb

    Jesus is the Passover lamb. Check out my poem “Seder Lamb” and my explanation of how He connects to a tradition that began thousands of years before His life on earth.