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  • Preparing to be Called Out

    Preparing to be Called Out

    I think believers can find great relevance in this history. Passover is when Jesus, our Passover Lamb (1 Corinthians 5:7), was sacrificed for us. As we enter the spring, a season for new life, we must prepare ourselves to meet Him at His cross. As pilgrims through this world, we must guard ourselves from the…

  • The Appointment of Christmas

    The Appointment of Christmas

    Sometimes Christmas presentsAre last-minute things—We rush to just buy something—Hope for joy it brings. Sometimes gifts are well thought outAnd studied with care,But executed hurriedlyWe hope the idea’s fair. Sometimes our grand designsAre thwarted in some way:The store’s sold out, it’s discontinued—It costs how much? No way!  But God’s Christmas PresentWas no last-minute mad dash.He did…

  • The First Present of Christmas

    The First Present of Christmas

    The first present of ChristmasWas not wrapped with bright paper,Shiny ribbons, sparkling bows,Or ties with ends that taper.The first present of ChristmasWas not large in any way,No impressive size,And not containing much to weigh.The first present of ChristmasDid not rattle, shake, or thump,Jingle, crinkle, ring, or beep,Or turn on with a bump.The first present of…

  • The First Adam and the Last Adam

    The First Adam and the Last Adam

    When You breathed life into Adam and thenWhen You removed his rib to make his Eve,When You closed up his side with flesh again,Did you a scar on his perfect flesh leave?In Your unblemished world he did receiveBlemish to make flesh of his flesh and bone.So in Your prescience, Lord I believeYou showed the pattern…

  • Because of Your Support You Gave to This! (Part 3)

    Because of Your Support You Gave to This! (Part 3)

    Thanks to your support of my book, Learning to Love: A Collection of Poetry and 40 Daily Devotions, you also helped feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and support families during financial crisis through Inside-Out Ministries.

  • Book Announcement!

    Book Announcement!

    Thank you so much for following along with me and subscribing. You have been a big part of this journey since I restarted my blog this year. I am happy to announce my first book, Learning to Love: a Collection of Poetry and 40 Daily Devotions…

  • A New Song

    A New Song

    Come and sing God a new song. Come worship! Come join the throng. Let’s dance like David in the street And touch the lives of all we meet. Come, let us climb the mountain peak To shout His name. Come mild and meek!

  • Memorial


    As you enjoy your Memorial Day, take some time to honor the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. This is my poem, “Memorial,” in memory of one such soldier.

  • Following Your Heart

    Following Your Heart

    The world says to follow your heart, but what does the Bible say? In my poem “Following Your Heart,” I explore what the Bible says about desire and following your inner voice.

  • Holiness


    What is holiness? It sounds so cold and distant to our modern lives. In this post, I explore what biblical holiness really is, and you might be surprised to find the answer.