Because of Your Support You Gave to This! (Part 1)

Hi everybody, obviously I have not been posting lately. The new school year began, and so my family and I have been returning to the homeschool routine. My church also invited me to be a guest speaker at a ladies’ breakfast, and I dedicated a lot of my free time researching my topic of the Jewish new year, the last three Biblical festivals of the calendar (Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Booths), the Schmita year, and the Jubilee. The central theme of my message was as this world is ending, God is renewing, recreating. The response was very positive, and several ladies asked me to teach a class on these things. This is not where I was planning on going, but the Lord led me to talk about these things, and He seems to be opening doors in this direction. If there is enough interest from you, I would be happy to do what I can to provide resources and an online version of our class sessions. My latest research is definitely influencing my latest poetry. My family also had a wonderful vacation to a new destination for a week.

So here’s why I’m writing again today. I want to share with you some of the ministries and charities that you have been able to give to through your support of my book Learning to Love: A Collection of Poetry and 40 Daily Devotions. Today, I’d like to spotlight a ministry local to my area: the Huntsville Pregnancy Resource Center. This organization offers free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds as well as pregnancy support, parenting classes, free baby supplies for attending classes, information about abortions, adoption options, and post-abortion counseling. Through their love and support of women who may be facing unexpected pregnancies, they share the “Truth of Life” no matter what decision parents make. They not only have programs and resources for expectant mothers, but fathers as well, offering classes and counseling. They “bring awareness, raise support, and unite our community for life” ( Women say they can feel the love when they walk in the door, and counselors are welcoming, understanding, listen, and are not judgmental, no matter what decision parents make. If you would like to support this organization or get in touch with them, please use the following contact information:
220 Rands Ave., Huntsville, AL, 35801

I am so thrilled that because of you, women and men facing unexpected pregnancies are receiving the support and resources they need, and lives are being saved through the love of Christ. Thank you.

I will begin posting new ministry and charity spotlights in the coming days about other charities you have been able to support through supporting my new book.

If you would like a copy of my book, it is available on Amazon $10 US for paperback and $5 US for eBook. Proceeds go to charity.

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