Newborn Days: Happy Mother’s Day

Who would have thought soggy cereal, another cold meal
Of Chef Boyardee could ever appeal;
That mountains of laundry and wrinkled clean clothes;
That a burp stain from baby on a fresh change that shows;
That sleep deprivation, another late night,
Feeding and diaper changes by the lamplight
Ever would be or ever could
To my ordered life seem so good,
For all the chaos is worth the while
When he looks at me and I see him smile.

by Sara DuVall

I wrote this poem shortly after having my first child. I remember being on my church staff, and during a meeting we shared with each other what God was teaching us. It was after I told the staff I was expecting, and I told them that God was teaching me that it is okay to be out of control (without control of my circumstances). The three children’s ministry staff ladies abrupted with laughter. One said, “You have no idea!” in reference to the new little one about to be added to my family. She was right. My control went right out the window. There is nothing that can prepare anyone for the initiation into parenthood. My children have changed me so much, and I am so so so thankful for them and what God has done in me through them.

Also, read this poem I wrote for my own mother years before I became a mother, “Learning to Love“.

Happy Mother’s Day, and God bless.

*Picture by Bella Baby Photography

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