The Day of the Lord

The earth was dark in Noah’s day
And clouds gathered around.
The earth found rest in Noah’s ark
As rain fell to the ground
The Day of the Lord had come.

The earth shook as wells of the deep
Burst forth in raging torrent
To judge the earth and wash away
All that had been abhorrent.
The Day of the Lord had come.

The land was dark in Moses day.
God called His people out.
Mount Sinai quaked and clouds gathered
As thunderous flames did shout,
For the Day of the Lord had come.

His cloud laid covenantal love
On those who followed Him,
But plagues and pestilence fell on
The ones who still chose sin,
For the Day of the Lord had come.

He wraps Himself in thick dark clouds
Like a royal robe.
Every mountain shakes at Him
As He judges the globe
When the Day of the Lord will come.

The battle trumpet sounds.
Nations mourn and rejoice.
Gathering trumpet sounds.
God’s people follow His voice
When the Day of the Lord will come.

The earth was dark on Good Friday.
The sun was blotted out.
The moon was red, the mountains shook
And gloom was spread throughout
For the Day of the Lord had come.

Judgment fell upon the earth
And flaming wrath spewed forth
On one singular plot of land
Named Calvary henceforth
For the Day of the Lord had come.

That one there like a son of man
Took pestilence and plague.
He paid sin’s wages, death,
Then rose and clarified the vague
For the Day of the Lord was done.

Then this one like a son of man
Went riding on the clouds
To Heaven, the Ancient of Days,
Removing all the shrouds
For the Day of the Lord was done.

He sits down at His right hand
And intercedes for earth,
So man can come to God’s great throne
In merriment and mirth
For the Day of the Lord has come.

Now on a cloudy gloomy day
I look for my Messiah
Returning in power, glory,
To gather the pariah.
The Day of the Lord will come.

He’ll judge the evil of the earth
And save the downhearted.
The trumpet’s call will lead us out,
To us his love imparted,
When the day of the Lord does come.

We will give victorious shout.
Mountains will shake and fall.
The earth’s powers will mourn and wail
While we come at His call
As the day of the Lord shall come.

We will be caught in the clouds,
We’ll meet Him in the air.
We will ascend up unto Him
And all He shall repair.
The day of the Lord will come.
Yes, come Lord Jesus, come.

by Sara DuVall

Multitudes, multitudes,
    in the valley of decision!
For the day of the Lord is near
    in the valley of decision.
he sun and the moon are darkened,
    and the stars withdraw their shining.

Joel 3:14

The Day of the Lord is an image that spans across the Bible. It is associated with clouds and darkness, earthquakes and rumblings, a blood moon and falling stars, fire and flashes of light, drought and curses on the earth. It is a symbol of both judgement and redemption simultaneously. To the believer, God has already judged sin on the cross in Jesus, as we are redeemed from sin while continuing to live in a sinful world and a corrupted body. On the day of the Lord that is still to come, when Jesus returns in power and glory (Matthew 24:30), He will give believers complete redemption from a fallen world and a fallen body. We will be justified, fully sanctified, and even glorified with him. To the unbeliever, however, it will be their final judgment upon their sin, and as they never separated themselves from their sin, as they rejected God while on earth, so they will be judged along with their sin. I hope and pray you believe your sins have already been judged on the cross, and that you receive or have received Jesus as Lord of your life before the final day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night (1 Thessalonians 5:2). If you have not made that decision yet, I pray for you to carefully consider these things in your own valley of decision before that final judgment when God will judge us by the decision we make. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!


The Bible. English Standard Version, Crossway, 2001.

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