The Journey Begins

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m making this blog for people interested in spiritual poetry, music, and Biblical life application. I hope it will speak to you if you are a Christian, and I hope it will speak to you if you hold different beliefs as well. I am a Christian, and my prayer for you is that something from this blog blesses you in some way.

By now, most people, including myself, have already broken their New Year’s resolutions, and it’s only the first month of the year! But praise God that through Jesus, His mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23). As long as you have breath, you can start over in Christ Jesus. I have to restart about ten times a day at least, probably, though I try not to count. I don’t need to focus on my failures. I need to focus on my Redeemer. Here is a little poem for you on that, which I wrote over eleven years ago.

This is Now

This is where one road ends
And a new one begins.
This is where my past stops.
This is where I turn to my fears
And remind them Whose child I am.
This is where I shut my ears
To the voice that weakens me
And drop the weights of temptation
I need not carry.
This is now.
Now, I am driving my car,
I am at work and attending school,
I am not that far.
Now, I am cooking lasagna,
I am washing the dishes,
I am in the shower.
I am not far from my wishes.
Now, I am brushing my teeth,
I am pulling down my covers
And turning out the light
While my sleepy thoughts hover.
Now, I am listening to a mocking bird sing
Before my alarm interrupts.
I am looking in the mirror
To be faced with the corrupt.
Now is where I take my resolve
So that ugly voice will dissolve.
This is where one road ends
And a new one begins


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